Noa V2 Wing Series


Welcome to the new era of riding, with a focus on freedom of movement and simplicity; the Noa V2 series.

Designed for all riders who want to experience a new feeling in wind sports. It is a super light structural inflated portable kite that offers the feeling of freedom. It is easy to learn and accessible and compatible on water, land or snow with multiple sports (SUP, Wingfoil, ski, snowboard, ice skate, skateboard, etc.). The Wing comes in a compact bag and can be taken anywhere.


The research and development of the new NOA version has brought us lightness. The weight of the wing has been reduced by 50%.

This new version offers power while providing a perfect balance that gives incredible control in all conditions.

- Very easy to turn on the water

- Easy take off and performance

- Lightweight and controllable

- Excellent upwind performance

- Perfectly balanced for surfing and jumping

Manufactured by our LAB factory which designs kites with over 30 years of experience 

We choose only the best materials after testing in long term with our R&D teams



Structural construction; thick rigid profile helps hold the structure together for direct control without compromising on flexibility.

Perfect tension on the Teijin canopy D2

2 Separate high volume standard valves

3 Direct Fusion Control Handles

V Handle 

Kevlar reinforcement; great protection on the wingtip and between each template on the leading edge . The handles are also reinforced on each end with kevlar

Wrist safety leash comes with each wing in the travel bag